Peer2Peer RAM

The days of our capitalistic view of local storage are over. No longer will the chromebooks and cheap smartphones be at the mercy of the gaming PCs and supercomputers. We envision a world all will have fast boot-up times and speedy file access thanks to Peer2Peer RAM.

In short, we take advantage of the fact that the RAM on other computers on your WiFi are close than your own Hard Drive Disk. By creating a system in which the bourgeoisie computers donate their excess free RAM to the people, we level the playing field. A computer on a network can request storage to a central server with response times over an order of magnitude quicker than going to disk.

You can check out our final paper here and the github here.

It is my hope that this is an important first step to class equality in computing.

You can see the architecture and a sample speed test below.

p2p comparison_plot


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