Every once in a while we engineers-in-training have brief periods of time where we are not working on or worrying about school. In these times we mostly sleep, but sometimes we do not engineering! BackBurner is an example of one of those times. While others slept, my hallway created a full fledged restaurant run out of one of the rooms.

For some background Olin (my college) has certain rooms in one of it dorms that have vaulted ceilings that are over double the normal ceiling height.  It is common Olin tradition to build a second story in these rooms and do something cool with the bottom story. My hallway decided to rally around our loft and run BackBurner,  a bi-weekly restaurant with a different array of selections every time.

In all its glory!

The goal of BackBurner was not to make money, but to create a cool hangout hub that brings a lot of people happiness, and I think we accomplished that.

Halfway through, after being open only 5 times (every other week) we have taken a couple hundred orders and generated $1,000 in revenue (and about $1000 dollars in expenses).  Every time we have been open it has been a fun and rewarding experience for the entire hallway and a wholesome night for our customers/friends and I’m damn proud of that.

Here’s some picture from our holiday special and the view from our tree.





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